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Yukon energy state of play [ 7 MB]
This report provides a current (2018) understanding of all aspects of Yukon's energy sector.


Yukon's Energy Context [ 915 KB]
An overview of the Yukon territory’s energy supply and demand, both renewable and non-renewable, for electricity, heating and transportation in the residential and commercial sectors.


Community Green Energy Initiative [ 2.7 MB]
This initiative provides support to Yukon First Nations and municipalities to ensure our communities benefit from the opportunities these funds provide.


Micro-generation in Yukon [ 4.1 MB]
An examination of program implications after three years of operation.


Optimal northern window guidelines [ 928 KB]
This report outlines energy efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective window designs for Canada's northern territories.


Optimal northern wall guidelines [ 4.5 MB]
This report outlines energy efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective wall designs for Canada's northern territories.


Micro-generation policy and micro-generation production incentive program 2014-2016 review [ 228 KB]
A report on how the program is being delivered and its success in meeting policy objectives. Includes recommendations for improving program delivery.


Shifting Demand: Yukon Home Heating Trends [ 288 KB]
Reports on the results of the EnerGuide for Homes evaluation program and offers some insight into current trends in home heating.


 Energy Branch Annual Report [ 2.1 MB]
2015-16 report of recent accomplishments and activities of the Energy branch.

 RDH illustrated retrofit guide thumb RDH Illustrated northern retrofit guide [ 5.2 MB]
This step-by-step guide describes how to energy retrofit a common Northwest Territories home to increase comfort and achieve cost and energy savings.  A similar guide for Yukon will soon be produced.
Cover of Faro Community Energy Plan

Faro Community Energy Plan [ 7.2 MB]
The Faro Community Energy Plan evaluates community energy consumption, provides guidance on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the cost of energy to Faro through increased energy efficiency.


2015-2016 Good Energy Program Quarterly Report
[ 688 KB]
January 1 – September 1, 2015
Image of Energy Branch Annual Report

Energy Branch - Annual Report [ 7.7 MB]
2014-15 report of recent accomplishments and activities of the Energy Branch.

 Image of Embracing Energy Report Cover
Embracing Energy Efficiency - Ensuring Yukon Benefits from Climate Moderated Heating Demand 
[ 2.2 MB]
A climate change vulnerability assessment.
 Image of Embracing Energy Efficiency Appendix A Cover
Embracing Energy Efficiency - Appendix A - Climate Change Impacts on Heating Demand 
[ 8.4 MB]
A climate change vulnerability assessment.

Viability Analysis of Southeast Alaska and Yukon Economic Development Corridor Report
This pre-feasibility study assesses the viability of developing electrical and telecommunications connections between Yukon and southeast Alaska.

Download the report (appendices separate) [ 1.3 MB]


Energy Efficient Housing Guidelines
These guidelines cover the design and construction of a super-insulated home optimized for cost savings for Whitehorse. The guide is intended to identify pathways to building high performance, cost optimal housing; illustrate best building practices; and, detail various approaches to wall system design and window selection.


Community Energy Planning in Yukon: Determining Priorities of Local Governments  4 MB

Community energy planning is an emerging thread in Canada's approach to sustainable community development. Yukon has had an off-again/on-again relationship with community energy planning for almost three decades. Energy planning is of interest to Yukon.


Refrigerator Retirement Report 2014  675 KB
The Refrigerator and Freezer Retirement Pilot Program launched June 2011, as a partnership initiative between The Government of Yukon's Energy Solutions Centre (ESC) and Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC). The purpose of the pilot program was to reduce the residential energy load of Yukon communities by incentivizing the retirement of older, inefficient fridges and freezers as part of a Yukon-wide Demand Side Management (DSM) initiative. In April 2013, the Refrigerator and Freezer Retirement Pilot Program evolved into the Refrigerator Retirement Program, with rebates for freezers no longer being offered due to the limited energy efficiency gains related to retiring those appliances.


Good Energy Rebate Program 2007-2014 Program Review  866 KB
Since 2007, the Good Energy Rebate Program has reduced household energy loads, GHG emissions and heating and electrical costs through incentivizing the purchase of ENERGY STAR® appliances. Over 9,500 rebates have been issued to 6,600 clients since the inception of the program resulting in significant lifetime program cost savings.


Whitehorse Community Energy Feasibility Study Final Report   14 MB
This report is a final deliverable of a feasibility study led by Yukon Energy Corporation which considered the technical and economic plausibility of a Community Energy System in Whitehorse. The study built on a  previous project led by the Energy Solutions Centre (results linked below and here) and considered several zones in Whitehorse along with several heating system technologies and various fuel options. Partners to the YEC-led study included the City of Whitehorse, the Yukon Research Centre and the Energy Solutions Centre. Both studies conclude that such a system is both technically and economically feasible.


Initial Economic Analysis of Electric Thermal Storage in Yukon  1 MB
This report explores the potential of ETS use on the Yukon grid to reduce the need for adding electric generation capacity and achieve diesel fuel savings.



Quick Start Home Energy Kit 2013-14 Final Report  729 KB
This kit provides Yukon residents with 12 different products and tools that can be used to decrease energy consumption and costs in a home.


Yukon Government Solar Energy Pilot: Performance Monitoring, February 2014  1.57 MB
This report presents the performance monitoring results of three, grid connected, solar electric demonstration sites monitored by the Energy Solutions Centre.


Energy Strategy Progress Report 2012  1 MB
This progress report demonstrates how the Government of Yukon is following through on its commitment to address Yukon's energy needs, for now and for the future.


NorthwesTel Remote Station Solar/Diesel Hybrid Feasibility 
771 KB
A report on the joint study examining the optimization and economic feasibility of using a solar photovoltaic (PV) array to meet the operational load of remote NorthwesTel communication station in the North Yukon. It was completed through a partnership with Northwestel, Cold Climate Innovation of the Yukon Research Centre at Yukon College and Yukon government's Energy Solutions Centre.


Yukon Greenhouse Gas Emissions Transportation Sector  1 MB
This report gives a clearer more detailed picture of the sources of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from the transportation sector in the territory.


Yukon Electricity Conservation and Demand Management Potential Review (CPR 2011)

Yukon Energy, the Yukon Electrical Company Ltd. and the Government of Yukon engaged the consulting firm ICF Marbek to research and collect information about how people use electricity in the territory and to provide recommendations on where the greatest gains might be in terms of reducing energy consumption.


Dawson LED Streetlight Pilot Project - Final Report  3 MB
A Yukon Energy Corporation project, in partnership with the Energy Solutions Centre, to assess the performance and acceptability of LED streetlights in Dawson City, Yukon.


Special Report on Energy Efficiency Initiatives of the Yukon Government  1.7 MB
This report provides an overview of the ongoing work the Yukon government is doing to promote energy efficiency.


District Energy System Pre-Feasibility Study City of Whitehorse, Yukon  2.77 MB
A study completed in March 2010 to assess the viability of establishing a District Energy System in the City of Whitehorse, Yukon.


Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger Design Evaluation March 31, 2008  1.6 MB
This report summarizes the proposed design, sizing and basic construction of an Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger system that is designed to be as economical as possible.


Bibliographic Search on the Potential of Earth Tubes  54 KB
Review the current state of the art of Earth Tubes using a literature search in scientific journals and the Internet.

yukon energy sector assessment cover

Yukon Energy Sector Assessment  528 KB
This paper has been prepared to enhance the baseline understanding of Yukon energy issues. It describes Yukon energy capacity, energy markets and energy uses.


Residential energy end use survey: Summary of results  549 KB
This document presents the answers to the Residential Energy End Use Survey, which was commissioned by the Energy Solutions Centre and Yukon Development Corporation to supplement Yukon Housing's Community Housing Surveys. The survey was undertaken in June of 2001 by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics.


Costs and Benefits to Consumers and Utilities of Residential Energy Savings Actions  810 KB
This report from 2003 analyses a number of energy saving technology to provide information useful for program design.


Penguin Final Report  1.8 MB
Results and evaluation assessing the acceptability of residential hot water tank timers.


South East Yukon Economic Analysis Final Report  337 KB
A review evaluating the opportunities and challenges to the development of the forest products industry in Southeast Yukon.


Alternative Energy  2 MB (1997)
This publication provides an overview of alternative energy technologies that have been or could be developed in the Yukon, and the issues affecting their development.


Coal  2.3 MB (1997)
This article provides an overview of the extent of the Yukon's coal resource and the factors affecting its development.


Oil and Gas 3 MB (1997)
This publication provides an overview of the extent of the Yukon's oil and gas resources and the factors affecting their development.

Permit and Authorization Guide for Yukon Activities  715 KB
This reference guide assists land users in identifying federal and territorial government authorizations and contacts for development activities.

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ESC Programs

2011/2012 Refrigerator and Freezer Retirement Program 
 4.79 MB
View the results of this program to reduce the residential energy load of Yukon communities as part of a larger Demand Side Management Yukon initiative. This program is a joint partnership between Energy Solutions Centre and Yukon Energy Corporation.
2010/2011 Good Energy Rebate Program  2.47 MB
This report details the results of the Energy Solutions Centre's 2010/2011 Good Energy rebate program.
2009/2010 Good Energy Rebate Program  1.06 MB
Learn about the Energy Solutions Centre's 2009/2010 Good Energy appliance and heating system rebate program.
2008/2009 Good Energy Rebate Program  902 KB
This report contains the results of the 2008/2009 Good Energy appliance and heating system rebate program, offered by the Energy Solutions Centre.
2007 Appliance Rebate Final Report  98 KB
Learn how Yukoners invested in energy efficient appliances and heating systems to cut down on energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
reel mower poster 2007 Push Reel Mower Rebate Program Final Report  41 KB
A summary of the "Reel Mower" campaign where people who purchased a people-powered mower were eligible for a cash rebate upon submitting an application form and proof of purchase. 
washer rebate poster 2006 Clothes Washer Rebate Final Report  120 KB
This project showed that there is a high level of interest among Yukoners in energy efficient washing machines. We hope that projects of this nature will continue to help Yukoners keep energy efficiency in mind when purchasing appliances.
light exchange program 2006 Christmas Light Exchange Final Report  103 KB
See how this project brightened the Yukon Christmas season while lightening Yukoners' power bills.

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Energy Saving Guides

Vacuum Insulated Panels Arrive in Northern Canada: Institutional Building Pilot Retrofit in Yukon  9.6 MB
This September 2011 presentation describes the successful installation of a new kind of, light, low-profile insulation.
Analysis of Basement Insulation Alternatives  1153 KB
Read this report to learn how to insulate your basement for energy savings. 
greenhog logo 2007 GreenHoG Handbook  1.6 MB
Read the Handbook to learn how to save money, save energy and reduce green house gas emissions.

project porchlight

2007 Project Porchlight Yukon Final Report  151 KB
See how Project Porchlight Yukon was a practical tool for helping Yukoners save energy, money and the environment.

Compact Fluorescent Lights are Safe  39 KB
Read this article to learn more about this topic.

living off the grid cover

Living off the Grid  2.1 MB
Interested in learning how to live ‘off the grid’ in the Yukon? Find out more from our Off-Grid Residential Renewable Energy Project guide.
building green and beyond cover Building Green and Beyond  2 MB
This publication tells the story of commercial and institutional buildings in the Yukon. It shows the potential for better building practices that can produce more efficient buildings that have lower impacts on the environment and provide good working and public spaces.

pushing the envelope cover

Pushing the Envelope: Making Yukon Homes Green  3.5 MB
This publication examines the history of improvements in home energy efficiencies that led to present-day R-2000 and green home building techniques. Included is a self-help section with basic tips for the new home builder, renovator or house buyer to consider, as well as a look at what modern green home pioneers are doing.
Wall Insulation Retrofit   596 KB
This report is an assessment of a structural support system designed for an insulation retrofit. The design uses less wood than would be the case with Larsen trusses. Comments on the report are welcome at
Screening Tool Follow Up Study  2 MB
This report expands on the report below by comparing the results from the Screening Tool to that of actual simulations. The results confirmed that the screening tool compared well to the detailed energy performance simulations, particularly for the building types and HVAC system configurations for which it was designed.
Verification of Analysis of Natural Resources Screening Tool  2 MB
This report tells us that the Web Screening Tool for New Building Design is effective in predicting building energy performance. The screening tool was within 15% of the detailed computer simulation results for 90% of the buildings tested. Thus the screening tool may mitigate the need to spend money on an expensive energy audit.

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Yukon Biomass Energy Strategy  1.4 MB 
The intent of this strategy is to reduce Yukon's dependence on imported fossil fuels by optimizing the use of Yukon-harvested wood to meet the territory's heating needs using modern biomass energy systems.
Yukon Biomass Energy Strategy: What We Heard  1.5 MB
A summary of comments from the public (2015) when the strategy was under development.
  Evaluation of Commercially Available Small Scale Biomass Electrical Generation Technologies Appropriate to Yukon   1.8 MB
Yukon has substantial biomass resources and the potential to use them for space heating and power generation, preferably in one system generating combined heat and power (CHP). The evaluation includes a brief description of the technologies and companies, and their track records.
Yukon Government Bioenergy Retrofit Feasibility March 31, 2009  6.1 MB
A report assessing the economic and environmental feasibility of converting three public buildings, owned and operated by Yukon government, from fossil fueled heating systems to biofuel based equipment.
Yukon Bioenergy Final Report 2009  3.2 MB
An assessment of economic and environmental benefits to expanding bioenergy use in Yukon.
Re-capitalization of Yukon College Gasifier  2.7 MB
This 2009 study addresses the detailed economics for the re-capitalization of a fluidized bed gasifier installed for space heating at Yukon College, Whitehorse.
2007 Waste Bio-oil Supply Survey  77 KB
Read about the potential of bio-oil as an alternate energy resource here in Yukon. 

lure and lore of wood cover

The Lure and Lore of Wood  2 MB
This publication follows the history of wood use in the Yukon, with a look to what the future might hold for this traditional Yukon energy source. It includes excellent advice on wood stove selection and installation, obtaining fuel and burning cleanly. It also features many historic photos as well as full colour photos from our time.

Wood  2.8 MB (1997)
An overview of the extent of the Yukon's wood fuel resource and the factors affecting its development.

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Ground Water Temperature, Geothermometer and Geothermal Signature Assessment City of Whitehorse July 24, 2008  1.6 MB
The results of a nine well and one spring study of the geothermal resource within the City of Whitehorse. 
Residential Hybrid Heating System Final Report V2. March 15, 2006  1.2 MB
This report describes the results of a monitoring study done on a private residence in Whitehorse where a ground source heat pump was installed along with additional alternative energy systems.
2005 Village of Mayo Well Rehabilitation and Resource Assessment  60 MB
Report on the feasibility to rehabilitate two geothermal wells that were originally drilled in the 1980's, with the intent of heating some community buildings.
Resource Assessment for Heat Potential Study Village of Haines Junction  11 MB
Describes the potential to use Haines Junction's artesian well water (at a temperature of 16.9ºC) in combination with a heat pump system to warm the Haines Junction Convention Centre.
Yukon Ground Water Heat Potential Study 2003  13 KB
Read this to learn more about the potential for using warm groundwater in Yukon.
Vanier School Ground Source Heat Pump Project Hydrological Assessment  1.6 MB
This is a 2002 study of two warm water aquifers underlying the Whitehorse subdivision of Riverdale. 
Summary of Yukon Water Wells  258 KB
This is a list of wells, their depths, flow rates, temperatures, PH and other related data.

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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Q & A  508 KB
This 4 page Question and Answer document summarizes current Yukon knowledge on ground and air-source heat pumps.
   Evaluation of Air Source Heat Pump Technology in Yukon    1.4 MB 
This report evaluates the economic and technical feasibility of operating ASHPs in Yukon.
Yukon Air Source Heat Pump Study 645 KB
This paper provides an overview of air source heat pump topics of particular relevance to the Yukon. Topics include Yukon specific costs, recommendations for sizing and efficiency specifications.

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Solar PV Residential Net-Metering Pilot Project  October 2012  639 KB
The Whitehorse Solar PV Residential Net-Metering Pilot Project involved the installation of a 1.4 kW PV system on a residential home in Riverdale, Whitehorse. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate the viability of net-metered residential PV installations in the Yukon.


Faro PV Airport Beacon Status Report May 2010  9 MB
Read this report to learn how solar power guides airplanes to safety in Faro, Yukon while saving money and fuel.  

Solar Domestic Hot Water System Sizing for Whitehorse, YT, and Dawson, YT  190 KB
This report documents the solar resource in Whitehorse and Dawson, and explores possible system designs (type of collector, size of collector, size of tank, and slope of collector) for the two locations. 

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Yukon Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The transportation sector Updated Report 2015  298 KB
This report offers a clear and detailed picture of the sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the Yukon's transportation sector.


Yukon Transportation Sector Information Paper   1.6 MB
The Yukon Transportation Sector Information Paper, provides a comprehensive picture of Yukon's transportation sector by compiling a wealth of survey statistics and other relevant data on transportation in Yukon.

IPLC Performance Validity Test: Summary of Resuts September 2011 1 MB
Intelligent Parking Lot Controllers save electrical energy in the winter. Read this report to see how much electricity the Yukon Government saved in the winter of 2010-2011.
Yukon Waste Vegetable Oil Vehicle Conversion Study 2009 149 KB
This is an examination of the viability of running a vehicle that has been converted from diesel to primarily vegetable oil.
Comparison of Tested Vehicles to Overall Fleet  1.9 MB
This is the Addendum to the Whitehorse Vehicle Emissions Testing Clinic 2009 Final Report.
Whitehorse Vehicle Emissions Testing Clinic 2009 Final Report  878 KB
Results of the June 4th and 5th 2009 vehicle emissions testing clinic held in Whitehorse.
emissions testing poster Whitehorse Emission Testing Clinic  427 KB
This is the final report on the Emission testing clinic held in Whitehorse September 20 and 21, 2007.

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power of water cover

The Power of Water  6.3 MB
The story of hydropower in Yukon. This story takes an indepth look at hydropower technology and its long history in the Yukon. Great maps, great photographs and a look to the future for smaller, more environmentally sound hydro power round this story out.

Hydro  2.1 MB (1997)
This provides an overview of hydro development in the Yukon and the issues affecting its development.

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Mesoscale Wind Climate Modelling in Steep Mountains  2.9 MB
In this paper the authors descibe how they used balloon weather data from above the mountain tops of the Yukon to improve the predictive performance of a computer wind model in the Yukon.
Wind Climate in Yukon Mountainous Terrain  5.1 MB
Read Dr. Pinard's PHD thesis to learn more about the wind energy potential and the wind climate of Yukon. Dr. Pinard also includes chapters on wind monitoring in Yukon and the history of wind exploration and development in Yukon.
Wind Climate of the Whitehorse Area  2.3 MB
Wind energy researcher, J.P. Pinard, presents his work analyzing measurements from Whitehorse upper-air and nearby mountaintop stations with a focus on wind energy development in the region.
Wind Power Development in Sub-Arctic Conditions with Severe Rime Icing  208 KB
Wind energy consultant, John Maissan explores the problems of rime icing on wind turbines and how to overcome them.
  Overcoming Icing Effects on Wind Turbines  523 KB
Power Point presentation by wind energy consultatnt, John Maissan.
  Policies to Promote Wind Energy Development in Northern Communites  2.4 MB
Power Point presentation by wind energy consultant, John Maissan.
  Policies to Promote Wind Energy in Northern Communities and Activities of CanWEA Small Wind Committee  2.6 MB
Power Point presentation by wind energy consultant, John Maissan.
  The Effects of Black Blades on Surface Temperatures for Wind Turbines  816 KB
Power Point presentation by wind energy consultant, John Maissan.
Report on Wind Energy for Small Communities  1.8 MB
In this report wind energy consultant, John Maissan describes the role that wind energy could play in meeting the energy needs of remote, small communities and recommends an approach to viably utilizing this technology.
A WEST Wind Climate Simulation of the Mountainous Yukon  4.8 MB
Wind energy researcher, JP Pinard presents his work simulating the wind climate of the mountainous terrain in the southern Yukon using the Wind Energy Simulation Toolkit (WEST) developed by the Recherche en Prévision Numérique (RPN) group of Environment Canada and compares the simulation to measurements in the field.
Wind Energy in the Yukon  4.9 MB
This presentation by wind researcher JP Pinard provides an overview of studies of the wind flow regimes in the mountainous regions of Yukon.
Computer Models for Wind Flow over Mesoscale Mountainous Terrain Applied to the Yukon  279 KB
Wind energy researcher, JP Pinard explores the suitability of existing computer models in assessing wind energy potential over complex terrain.
winds of change cover The Winds of Change  1.5 MB
The story of wind generation in Yukon. With superb photographs of the people and places that are part of Yukon's wind industry, this story depicts the history and the challenge of wind energy development in Yukon and the current research being done to map Yukon's wind.

Wind  2.2 MB (1997)
This article provides an overview of wind development in the Yukon and the factors affecting its development.

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