Energy, Mines and Resources

Independent Power Production

The Yukon government is currently seeking feedback on a draft policy for independent power production. This policy supports independent power producers in the development and expansion of environmentally sound and affordable electrical supply for customers.

Deadline for submitting comments has been extended until August 29, 2014.

Local Renewable Energy to Supplement Electrical Generation in Yukon

The Yukon government’s Micro-generation Production Incentive program will allow customers who produce energy from renewable energy sources to be compensated annually for feeding surplus power to the grid.

Quick Start Home Energy Kit for Yukon Renters
If you rent housing in Yukon, you can be energy efficient too! Our Quick Start Home Energy Kit includes easy to use products to conserve water, electricity and heat. By taking advantage of all the energy-saving tools included in the Quick Start Home Energy Kit, you can start saving money and energy today.

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Energy Costs in Yukon
See Yukon Housing’s Energy Cost Graphs for various fuel types and heating appliance efficiencies.

Refrigerator Retirement Program
Contact us to retire your refrigerator and receive $50 per appliance!

Current and Past Energy Consumption on Yukon Electrical Grids