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Wind Prospecting Service

A met tower will be used to measure wind speed and direction on your propertyThis service will help you determine if wind speeds are high enough to generate wind energy on a consistent basis where you live. If you would like to explore the possibility of wind energy where you live, you will meet with our wind energy specialist to assess your property's suitability based on the following questions:

  • Will you be using the power for private or commercial use?
  • How much power do you need?
  • Are you in an area that is likely to have a good wind regime?
  • How much will it cost to set up and maintain a monitoring station at your location?

If you have a suitable location, you will be required to sign a legal agreement with the Energy branch in order to allow a contractor to install, maintain and remove a wind monitoring station. We will monitor your site for one year following the set up of a tower and meteorological equipment. 

Once the agreement is signed, the Energy branch's wind assessment contractor will contact you about monitoring logistics.  

At the end of the monitoring period, you will meet with our wind energy specialist to discuss the wind assessment contractor's report and the next steps for developing wind generation on your property.

Wind prospecting service findings

The program is now in its seventh year. The wind prospecting service has recorded a variety of data sets from locations in Yukon.

From July 2015 to July 2016, wind monitoring was undertaken at two off-grid sites; one in the south-eastern Yukon, about 40 km north of Watson Lake, off the Robert Campbell Highway and the other in the north-western Yukon, at a highway lodge on the Alaska Highway near the White River. The results of the monitoring are shown in the table below in the top row. The monitoring station in the north-western Yukon's results are considered preliminary because monitoring is continuing at the station for one more year to make up for lost data during a data logger malfunction.

Data collected from wind prospecting service over the last six years:

Monitoring period Station coordinates Five-year average wind speed*
2015-2016 61°59'5.68"N 140°32'18.69"W
60°19'47"N 129°02'09"W
1.53 m/s at 14.1 metres above ground level
1.76 m/s at 20 mters above ground level
2014-2015 61◦2’ 6.84”N 135◦13’45.41” W
60◦50’ 51.68”N 135◦38’30.42” W
4.09 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
2.33 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
2013-2014 61◦48’ 23.51”N 140◦2’52.36” W
60◦5’ 47.51”N 133◦50’7.55” W
1.63 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
2.20 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
2012-2013 63◦37’ 4.99”N 137◦13’52.66” W
60◦32’ 3.87”N 134◦53’ 47.38” W
3.06 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
2.58 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
2011-2012 61◦56’ 23.71”N 132◦30’46.03” W
61◦02’ 35.92”N 138◦23’ 14.37” W
1.94 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
3.31 m/s at 20 metres above ground level
2010-2011 60◦35’ 01.14”N 137◦12’24.91” W
60◦35’ 15.52”N 137◦13’ 00.64” W 
2.60 m/s at 19 metres above ground level
2.27 m/s at 20 metres above ground level

*Calculated using the year of monitoring data correlated with the nearest weather station.

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