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StartPoint Energy Audit


The first step to energy improvements in your commercial or institutional building

The Energy Solutions Centre can help you understand the energy consumption and expenses of your commerical or institutional building by conducting an energy audit. This audit can also advise you on an initial course of action to address any issues and increase your building’s energy efficiency.

What are Energy Audits?

Thermal image of a building showing heat loss.An energy audit is an analysis of heat and electrical energy consumption. It can help in understanding how a building uses energy and determine whether it is done efficiently. An audit also shows energy expenses related to greenhouse gas emissions and the costs associated with heating the building and powering its systems. Energy audits may identify energy saving opportunities and suggest ways to reduce energy consumption and costs. They are also a good way of establishing benchmark data for the building.

About StartPoint

The Energy Solutions Centre's StartPoint Energy Audit will analyze a building’s energy demand and consumption as well as the effects of weather, occupancy and operating schedule. It will take into account the building type and construction, the climate zone of its location, and its energy expenses. The energy audit also compares the typical energy use of similar sized Canadian buildings. Finally, the audit will recommend general actions that may make a difference to improve energy efficiency and indicate whether a more comprehensive audit should be considered.


Yukon First Nations, municipal and community governments along with other territorial government departments, non-governmental agencies and private companies can apply for this service.

Currently, the StartPoint Energy Audit is only conducted on commercial and institutional buildings. The Energy Solutions Centre offers one building audit per application.

Application Process

Potential applicants are encouraged to talk to the Energy Solutions Centre to determine their building’s suitability. To proceed with the StartPoint Energy Audit, the applicant is asked to complete a series of application forms.

Applicants will need to provide the following:

  • three years of electrical records;
  • three years of oil (and/or propane) records;
  • building size and characteristics; and,
  • building systems information including heating and ventilation.

For additional information, Energy Solutions Centre staff may wish to discuss energy usage patterns and comfort aspects of the building with building managers and building users. This will be done in cooperation with the applicant.

Audit Results

Applicants can expect to receive their energy audit results within eight weeks of submission. Accurately filling out the forms and providing the necessary records and information will expedite the process.

Want to apply or learn more?

Give us a call at 867.393.7063, or toll free (in Yukon) at 1.800.661.0408 ext. 7063.

Or find answers to common questions on the StartPoint Energy Audit FAQ page.