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Our programs support the development of energy efficiency in residential and commercial settings and promote the development of Yukon's renewable energy resources.

Commercial energy incentive program 

Upgrade to energy efficient and long lasting LED lighting systems. Retrofit the thermal enclosure of apartments and condominium to improve energy performance and reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions.

Good Energy program

Browse the range of rebates on offer from Energy Solutions Centre's recently expanded flagship program:

Micro-generation program

Offset electrical consumption by connecting a renewable energy technology to your home or business.  Export your excess energy back to the grid.

Wind prospecting service

Determine your property's wind generating potential.  Evaluate the range of investments possible at your location.

StartPoint energy audit

Analyze and evaluate the energy performance of your commercial or institutional building.

Training opportunities

The Energy Branch offers training opportunities related to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. To receive notification of our future training opportunities, send your contact information to  

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