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Micro-generation program

Micro-generation refers to small-scale generation of electric power. It can be used to supplement power from the grid or as an alternative source of energy.  Where system size allows, surplus generation is exported to the grid for annual reimbursement.  Rates are as follows:

    Yukon's Integrated (Hydro) System         Communities powered by diesel    
$0.21 per kWh $0.30 per kWh

Under the micro-generation program, Yukoners can offset their electrical consumption by connecting renewable energy technologies to their homes or businesses while remaining connected to Yukon’s electrical grid. Utility customers in residential, general service and industrial classes can participate.

Please note: All systems now require pre-approval through the Energy Solutions Centre. Without pre-approval, clients may be denied the ability to activate (grid-tie) their system and/or may incur the substantial additional expense of a utility infrastructure upgrade.

Complementary programs

Thinking about installing a residential renewable energy system? You could receive up to $5,000 through the Residential Energy Incentives Program

Do you live outside of municipal boundaries? You may be eligible for the Yukon government's Rural Electrification and Telecommunications Program.  Not applicable to properties within Carmacks, Dawson City, Faro, Haines Junction, Mayo, Teslin, Watson Lake and Whitehorse.

Micro-generation program steps

Consult with an energy advisor to

  • learn about micro-generation systems 
  • confirm eligibility for the micro-generation program
  • acquire general advice to help you assess the technical and economic viability of your project
  • become aware of complementary government programs
  • understand the micro-generation program application process
  • pre-register your project (and confirm pre-approval for systems over 5 kilowatts)

An energy advisor will always be happy to assist you at any stage of the project. 

Project planning

  • secure a system installer and/or electrician 
  • finalize system design
  • secure applicable permits, inspections, authorizations, assessments and approvals (this will vary depending on your location)

Install the micro-generation system

  • acquire equipment and materials
  • complete the installation
  • acquire final electrical inspection (the electrician must request a service connect, not simply a final inspection)

Note: All system wiring must be completed by an electrician or a person who has successfully passed the home wiring test through the Yukon government's Building Safety Branch. Talk to a territorial electrical inspector to understand limits to wiring your own system.

Apply to grid-tie the system

Complete the micro-generation interconnection application and submit with the following documentation:

  • electrical diagram
  • site plan
  • protective device data (inverter specifications)
  • final approved electrical inspection (request a service connect, not simply a final inspection)
  • signed micro-generation interconnection and operating agreement.

Upon submission of your application package, the program manager will review your interconnection application and attachments, then submit the package to the appropriate utility for approval. Following approval, a new dual register electrical meter will replace your current meter - this usually occurs within 2-8 weeks.

Receive reimbursement

Assuming your system has exported electricity, reimbursement is calculated based on the annual dual-register meter reading. Your first payment period starts the date your meter was installed and ends on the last reading each January. The Energy Branch issues a cheque within 60 days of the January reading in each year that your system has exported electricity to the grid. Commercial customers may not see a reduction in their demand charge.

Note: Only system export is recorded by the dual-register meter. System offset and total system generation are not tracked by the meter.  To track that information, a dedicated monitoring system must be added as part of the installation by the client.  

Micro-generation program resources


Energy Solutions Centre

Phone: 867-393-7063; 1-800-661-0408 x 7063 (toll-free in Yukon)


Visit: 206 A Lowe Street, Whitehorse, YT