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Energy Strategy for Yukon

The Energy Strategy for Yukon was released on January 23, 2009. It details a long-term vision for the responsible development of energy resources for the benefit of Yukon's people, businesses and the environment.

Energy Strategy for Yukon  2 MB
Stratégie Énergétique du Yukon  1.3 MB

Progress reports

The Energy Strategy commits to monitoring the implementation of 24 priority actions and reporting on our progress. 

Yukon biomass energy strategy

The Yukon Biomass Energy Strategy will facilitate the development of a biomass energy sector to help heat buildings and homes using wood, Yukon’s primary biomass resource.

Micro-generation policy

The net metering policy was reviewed publicly in spring 2011. The final version was released, now called  the Micro-generation Policy, on October 29, 2013. It enables individuals to connect their renewable electrical generation systems to the grid. The policy will help diversify Yukon’s electrical supply by providing incentives for individuals to become part of the energy supply solution.

Independent power production

The Yukon government’s policy for independent power production is to support the participation of independent power producers in the development and expansion of environmentally sound and affordable electrical supply for customers while respecting the integrity of the existing electrical system.

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