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ENERGY STAR® Qualified Doors

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ENERGY STAR® Qualified Doors

In addition to their obvious function of providing entry to the home, doors function as part of the shell or "building envelope" of the home. Replacing a door just for the energy benefit is rarely recommended because the area of the door is small and the cost of replacement is high. But when you've decided to replace an exterior door for any other reason, it pays to consider its thermal features. ENERGY STAR® qualified doors have minimum energy ratings that specify their insulating and air leakage performance.

Insulated doors

The recommended choice to improve comfort and thermal performance, insulated doors are usually made of foam and wood and covered with metal; however, fibreglass or vinyl doors are becoming more readily available and can offer superior thermal performance and wood-like finishes. Door frames are usually wood, clad with metal or vinyl and integrated with the door into an installation unit.

Patio doors

Patio doors perform much like an insulated glass window unit. As the glass area is large, always use as many thermal performance features as possible such as low-e coatings, gas fills and thermal spacers to increase the insulation value of the unit. For greater thermal comfort, consider replacing a patio door with an insulated door.

Storm doors

Storm doors refer to doors that are installed in front of exterior doors to protect them from bad weather and to allow ventilation. Storm doors typically have interchangeable glass panels and window screen panels to provide visibility, summer ventilation and prevent insects from entering the home. When properly designed and installed, storm doors will provide an extra degree of thermal efficiency as well as added protection from wind and rain.

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