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Commercial Energy Incentive Program

The Commercial Energy Incentive Program promotes energy efficiency upgrades in Yukon commercial and institutional buildings. The program currently offers rebates for:

You will find detailed information about the rebates below. You can also contact the Energy Solutions Centre at 867.393.7063 to speak with a senior energy advisor for answers to specific project questions.

LED lighting upgrade for commercial buildings rebate 

Up to $10,000 available for LED lighting upgrades for commercial buildings.

  • 20% rebate off LED lamps, fixtures & controls; and,
  • 40% rebate off dark sky criteria exterior LED lamps, fixtures & controls.

Lamps and fixtures must be ENERGY STAR® or Design Lights Consortium (DLC)-qualified. Limit of one LED lighting upgrade per building or business per year.

Owners and lease holders of commercial buildings in Yukon can benefit from energy and cost savings; as well as, improving occupant comfort and productivity when upgrading from incandescent to high performance LED lighting. Minimum energy savings and moderate lifetime cost savings can be realized when replacing end-of-life CFL lighting with LED lighting. The addition of lighting controls (motion, occupancy, photosensors, timers and networked lighting controls) can optimize interior and exterior lighting use and lead to further cost savings.

Recommended steps
It is recommended that the existing lighting system be evaluated for current occupant needs and task locations. This approach is preferable to an one-to-one upgrade which may result in a lighting system that is not optimized to the occupant’s needs. Light quality is as important as lumen efficiency in achieving an efficient lighting system (Energy Efficient Guide for Existing Commercial Buildings: Technical Implementation). Upgrading to high performance LED lighting is one step in reducing electric loads. Additional steps to consider include reducing illumination levels, adjusting operating hours through the use of controls and using daylighting and task specific lighting.


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Thermal enclosure upgrade for mixed-use building rebate

Up to $50,000 available in rebates for renovations that improve the thermal enclosure and performance of existing multi-use residential buildings and mixed use buildings.

Rebate Maximum rebate
Energy assessment Initial energy assessment

$40% of cost

$1,500 max.

Final energy assessment 40% of cost

$300 max.

Insulation Basic – increase by R20 to R29 ($2.50/sf) $42,000
High performance – increase by R30 or greater ($3.50/sf)
Materials & cost sheet for insulation upgrade $200
Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) HRV performing at SRE >= 64% @ -25oC

$500 per unit

$4,000 max.

Windows ENERGY STAR® Zone 3-qualified

$100 per unit

$2,000 max.

  $50,000 maximum

Multi-use residential buildings are residential low-rise buildings and mixed-use buildings are primarily residential. See Terms & Conditions on the rebate form for specific definitions, detailed criteria requirements and rebate calculations. Building owners or lease holders must complete a pre-retrofit assessment prior to beginning renovation.

Thermal enclosure and ventilation retrofits for existing multi-use residential buildings can provide substantial savings in building operations costs and improved comfort for tenants. The primary obstacle to retrofitting thermal enclosures is project cost. This rebate is designed to provide an incentive to cover a substantial portion of insulation material costs to encourage building owners to perform insulation upgrades when re-siding or renovating. High performance HRVs providing balanced ventilation is a critical component of an insulation upgrade where air sealing improvements have been made. Energy efficient windows can improve the thermal enclosure performance of the building and increase tenant comfort levels.

Recommended steps
To qualify for the Insulation rebate, building owners must complete a pre-retrofit assessment with a multi-use residential building Certified Energy Advisor and request a rebate pre-approval by Energy Solutions Centre prior to starting the renovation project.


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